Support Work

Support workers are like helping hands for people who need a bit of extra support in their daily lives. Whether someone has a physical disability, mental health needs, or just needs a little help getting through the day, support workers are there to make life a bit easier and more independent.

They can work almost anywhere – in homes, care places, or hospitals, and they might work all the time or just now and then, depending on what people need. They can work by themselves or with others, and often help lots of different people with all sorts of things.

What do they do? Well, it can be a lot of different tasks, like cooking meals, cleaning up, helping with medicine, joining in with community activities, going shopping, hanging out with friends, seeing the doctor, finding a job, or just being there to talk and provide emotional support.

Support workers also help people have fun with their hobbies, join local groups, or try out something new, like learning to cook or paint. They’re all about helping people live their best lives, in whatever way that means for each person.